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Privacy & Confidentiality

Our Promise to you

At Private Nanny, we work very closely with children and their families on a day-to-day basis. It is a legal requirement and our best intention to respect the privacy of each child and their families. Any information obtained by each staff member about any family in our care will be treated in a confidential manner. 

We have several protections in place to ensure that all personal and confidential information is kept safe.


Acknowledgement of Private Family Information

Each Nanny at Private Nanny acknowledges that during and ongoing from their engagement with every family, that they will be exposed to sensitive and confidential information including some of the following confidential items that constitute to each Family’s private information: 


  • Children’s and family members’ medical histories and medical conditions.

  • Family relationships and family dynamics.

  • Passwords for retrieval of children from individual settings.

  • and other matters related to each individual family.


We ensure every Nanny has an awareness of the importance and acknowledges that if the private family information should become known by any individuals outside the family, such knowledge could result in substantial hardship, loss, damage, and injury to the family. Therefore we follow a non-disclosure of private family information and confidentiality agreement where each staff member agrees they will not, during the term of the nanny’s engagement or any time thereafter, directly or indirectly disclose the family’s private information to any entity or any person who is not a member of the family.



  • Registration forms and personal information about children, families and staff are held digitally and securely.

  • Parents have a direct copy of all signed registration paperwork for their child.

  • Nannies will not discuss personal information given by parents.

  • Each Nannies induction includes an awareness of the importance of confidentiality.

  • Gaining parental permission for any photographs taken of the children to be taken and sent directly to the Parents of the child/children in care, on the nanny phone provided by Private Nanny only and to be deleted at the end of the day.

  • Any concerns or evidence relating to a child’s personal safety are kept in a secure, confidential file.

  • Ensuring every staff member is aware of and follows social networking policy in relation to confidentiality.

  • Gaining direct parental permission for any information to be used.

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