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Childcare Service Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire. Natalie Private Nanny and The Wedding Nanny.

One-to-one premium ad-hoc childcare service 

Childcare made easy with ad-hoc bookings in Chesterfield and Derbyshire

Childcare Service Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire. Natalie Private Nanny and The Wedding Nanny.


Hi I'm Natalie Founder and Lead Nanny of Private Nanny.


Being a nanny is one of the best jobs in the world . . . . . . if you like children that is! 

I've wanted to be a nanny ever since I was a little girl, my caring and loving nature needed an outlet and looking after children is that for me. To be a part of a child's life, sometimes from the moment they're born, helping raise them and watching them grow and develop is an incredible feeling. 


Why do I do it? ... I get asked this an awful lot, my answer, I just do. I have a big heart, a passion for child development and I love to help people, it's as simple as that! 


Funny fact about me . . . I'm terrified of having my own children.

Essentially we think of ourselves as a 3rd parent with all the little bits in between! Our goal is to make your life easier by providing professional and loving care for your children, while assisting with the everyday tasks of having a family. It's not always easy and sometimes you just need that little bit of extra help!! As Nannies our caring nature comes naturally and we’re easily able to adapt to each individual family’s needs.

Who are we ?

Hi, I'm Laura, Lead Nanny

My dedication to caring for children makes being a Nanny the perfectly suited role for me, it's a passion, a hobby and an all round enjoyment!

As a Nanny I get to become a huge part of so many families and seeing each and every day through the eyes of a child, watching them grow and develop is such a warming feeling and the most rewarding roles.


Childcare Service Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire. Natalie Private Nanny and The Wedding Nanny.


Hi my name is Gemma. 

I work behind the scenes at Private Nanny. You will see it's me replying to your emails and messages..  I always try and keep our social media up-to-date so you may see me on there from time to time.

We offer various support covering different aspects of childcare.

As well as supporting you at home we can also support you on your wedding day. We hold group sessions for new and expectant mothers to help build confidence and reassurance, whilst providing helpful information and links to wonderful resources.


For more information click on the links below.

Everything we offer

Childcare Service Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire. Natalie Private Nanny and The Wedding Nanny.
Childcare Service Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire. Natalie Private Nanny and The Wedding Nanny.

What our parents think

Childcare Service Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire. Natalie Private Nanny and The Wedding Nanny.

Mummy L

"I needed a Nanny to help for a few hours a week when my second baby came along. When I met Natalie I knew instantly that she was perfect, so much so that I cancelled other interviews and snapped her up - I did not want anyone else to get her!! She has been with us for 10 months now, since my son was 8 weeks old and my daughter almost 3yrs. Natalie is just awesome, I have never had any reservations when leaving her in charge of the children. It’s very clear she loves them, and they her. They run (&crawl!!) at her at warp speed the moment she steps through the door. She is switched on, resourceful and always finds a way. After 5 years at home, an opportunity came up for me to return to work very flexibly 2 days a week, but my baby was only 6 months old. Because Natalie had been with us for 4 months by then, I had no qualms about jumping at the opportunity - my Baby was being looked after at home by an amazing lady. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her passion and concern for the children is evident from the moment you meet her. In the words of my 3 yr old “ Mummy, I weally lub Nakalie”

Mummy V

Natalie has looked after our boys (age 2 and 4) on an ad-hoc basis for the past 18 months. She is hard working, reliable and trustworthy and is lovely with our boys. She plays with them, engages them, takes really good care of them and they are both really fond of her. We feel confident when Natalie has our boys that they will be well cared for and happy - which is so important when leaving your children in someone else’s care. We couldn’t recommend Natalie highly enough.

Mummy J

Natalie is an amazing nanny and can do it all! She has an incredible team, Laura has been a blessing in my family. They are both amazing and have such great qualities. I could not balance my life without any of them.  Laura is the newest member of our family and I can not praise her enough. Going above and beyond comes very natural to her and my son adores her.

Mummy S

Laura and Natalie are both amazing!
Really put my mind at rest with taking care of my son (multiple allergies- they both attended Epi-pen training before they started his care which was amazing). Both had such a great way with my son and he loved every minute. Would definitely recommend!

Mummy R

I had the absolute pleasure of having Natalie as my sons nanny for a couple of years

I would highly recommend Natalie to any family whatever your needs, she is caring, fun, very loyal and reliable, everything a mum needs in a nanny , and most of all my son loves her and definitely developed his character in her time with us, highly recommended

Mummy A

Nat is amazing with my daughter! She always meets the needs of out family. She is so loving, caring and is so much fun. 5/5 star

Daddy D

Natalie came to us at a difficult time and I was close to giving up full time work as I couldn’t fit childcare around work and finding reliable childcare with a degree of flexibility seemed impossible. I was also somewhat worried about my daughter taking to any new person coming onto the scene as she had just had a degree of upheaval and needed someone with whom she could click. Natalie has been with us for a while now and I can’t imagine life without her. The flexibility she offers allows me to resume normal working. My daughter is incredibly fond of her and relies on Natalie’s guidance in all matters from style to diet, exercise, music and everything in between. I often get scolded now for coming back too early as she was hoping to spend an evening with Natalie watching a film or playing a game of chess and I have interrupted it. I intend to hold onto Natalie for as long as I can and I hope she can be involved in my daughter’s life in some capacity for some time yet. She is absolute gold.

Mummy R

Laura looked after my little boy Albie while I was at a wedding and I cannot recommend her enough. Albie had the best day at the aquarium and loved playing with Laura who kept me updated with pictures during the day just like I’d asked for. I can’t wait to have Laura spend the day with Albie again as he was so happy with her

Mummy M

Natalie is amazing !!

As soon as she joined us we knew she was the right fit.

Happy, fun, nurturing, responsible, reassuring and thorough.

My girls 3, and 10 loved her immediately and always ask when she is coming back!

I can vouch that she is also great with mummies!!

Her communication is great and she is always accommodating to changes wherever possible.

In short a godsend!!

Thank You

Mummy J

Well, what can I say – you really are the dream team!  You and Laura both developed an instant rapport with the girls as soon as they met you.  They absolutely love spending time with you and you always have lovely activities / days out planned for them.  I feel very reassured knowing the girls are so happy and comfortable with you, and love the way you are so focused on them and their needs, and embrace any ideas / role play they throw at you! 

I also really value the fact that I can trust you to make sensible decisions about safety, behaviour, food choices etc.  I can leave the girls in your capable hands with true peace of mind.

Mummy J

I have two girls and they love Natalie. She has just the right blend of fun and responsibility. I would highly recommend her to any family looking for highly capable, friendly, reliable childcare support.

Mummy L

I can’t recommend Natalie & Laura highly enough. They have looked after our baby since she was 4 months old as unfortunately due to illness we have no family support. She loves her time with them & gets so much from all the sensory play activities they do with her.
They adapt to each child, family’s routines & preferences brilliantly. I honestly don’t know what we’d do without them & feel incredibly lucky that we found them.

Childcare Service Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire. Natalie Private Nanny and The Wedding Nanny.
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